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Dallas has been a great area for starting a company.

Over the past few years however, the Metroplex has become a hotbed for startups. Private investment in small companies is on a steady rise, and Texas has become the latest state to allow equity crowdfunding. The amount of investment dollars flowing in to DFW has risen exponentially over the last couple of years. Recently, Startup Angels which is a company specializing in funding startups, decided to hold its national summit in Dallas rather than in its hometown. Their claim for doing so was that they saw the potential growth in many markets and the rapid expansion of new startup companies. According to the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, throughout the 2014 year over 320 ideas were pitched. Students from 144 university teams competed in business plan competitions and won $161,500 in cash and prizes. Companies sponsored 9 hackathons, and two innovation centers were created. Four incubators opened, and DFW now has nine seed accelerator programs, 11 incubators, and 137 new startup programs. Texas was one of the most active areas for angel investors during the second quarter of 2014. This increased angel activity will most likely lead to more venture capital investments in the area over the 2015 year. Venture capitalists invested $323 million dollars in 32 companies during the first 9 months of 2014. This is a phenomenal time to be a part of the DFW startup scene. A good idea can take you further when there is the potential for proper investment, and DFW is seeing plenty of startup angels and venture capitalists. The money is there for those with the drive, determination, and great ideas. LIFT can be there from conception to help you visualize your needs and offer creative direction to promote your business in the best possible light. Our award winning team of experts is ready to propel your business to the next level. Through startup consulting LIFT can be there from the onset of your ideas. Having the ability to promote your ideas in a clear and concise way with a polished look, can be the icing on the cake that gets you noticed by potential investors. Sure, many deals have come about from a ‘back of the napkin’ idea. Far more ideas have been passed on though, due to poorly thought out presentations. You wouldn’t go to a job interview and sell yourself wearing a dirty t-shirt and flip flops would you? Why give your idea any less credibility? Proper promotion and polish from the onset will get you noticed, and provide a far better chance of making it to the top of the list in investor’s minds!

LIFT can build the ideal logo, User Interface, and User Experience to get your ideas in to the minds of investors.

A simple but elegant site that shows your vision can be the ‘shirt and tie’ that you need to wow investors and get you the foot-in-the-door. LIFT’s services don’t end there. When you are ready to open for business, LIFT can create compelling sites that are dynamic and user friendly. LIFT will be there the whole way through the development process, using years of experience to create a one of a kind site that will drive customers to your business. We can design your logo, develop your site, get you ready for launch, and ultimately place your business on the web. When your business is up and running with your new site designed by LIFT, we will still be there to provide support in keeping you at the top of the market. Search Engine Optimization, site updates, back end databases, and online sales are some of the many ways LIFT help you continue to grow your business. Whatever your needs, we will be there through the life of your company.  

When you are ready to plant the seed of innovation, and start something big, we’ll be ready.

Will your idea be the next big thing? Contact LIFT today for a consultation on how to take your business to the next level, and stand high above the competition.

Launch your startup.