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Making your brand stand out is critical to success

Running in the middle of the pack no longer cuts it when trying to drive sales to your website. Nor is it feasible to continue using practices from a decade ago, or even 5 years ago, in coming up with a memorable, appealing and modern logo for your company. To truly succeed in today’s marketplace, you have to stand out, catch the buyers attention, and hold it long enough to get them personally vested in your product. Looking current and contemporary, while exuding a sense of style and elegance, is tantamount to success. With many websites and logos being too flashy or displaying too much information, a sensory overload can occur in the mind of your target audience.  Once this occurs, you are effectively driving that audience away.  The balancing act to have a catchy and trendy look, while not muddying your brand, can be very tricky indeed.

A simple approach to achieving success,

is to first create a logo that transcends different media.  A logo that reads well on a website, should also read well in print media, business cards, t-shirts, and more.  Being able to have simple colors, or colors which translate well to a grayscale, will let you get more mileage from your logo.  It may take several designs to achieve a look that is clean and crisp, while conveying your brand image. Once you do have a great and modern logo design, it is easy to then carry that look over into the overall feel of a website. This design approach will keep everything neat and tidy, while creating a unified whole that properly addresses your branding. One of the bigger and modern design trends for logos is black and white.  A simple design that holds itself well with a lack of color, can be a real standout.  When done well, a black and white design will never feel old or dated, and can convey a sense of elegance. Keep in mind that this also translates well to and color and white. A blue and white logo can be just as visually appealing and modern. Careful consideration to color should be taken into account however. Obviously a purple and white logo would not be the most obvious choice for a strawberry farm.  Red or green and white would be better. red house coffee Simplification is also trending in logo and site design.  Paring back a logo to its bare bones can give new life to an existing brand. Major companies such as Microsoft have been going this route lately, which testifies to the success of this design standpoint.  Paring back a well known logo over time, until it reaches the point of a single recognizable mark, can be incredibly effective.  Using this approach, one small mark, can generate a meaning that is so much more than words. With the advent of devices such as tablets and smart phones, most everyone is familiar with the concept of the app store.  Logo and site design which follows the look and feel of app icons and the app store have become very trendy.  Through the use of simplified icons with less text and bright colors, consumers immediately engage with brands. Since our minds have been programmed to feel as though the app stores are easy to navigate storehouses of things that make our lives easier, there is a subconscious connection made that logos resembling app type icons will represent products and websites that are easy to use and contain good things. Honest and simple design approach for items such as food or items containing all natural elements is taking off in a big way.  Use of catch words such as honest, natural, real, and wholesome, have an impact that is immediate.  Cool colors such as pastel or light earthy greens, yellows, and oranges are in trend and can be used in ways with simple text  and clean lines to evoke that sense of wholesomeness with nothing hidden inside that you wouldn’t want. With consumers becoming more and more aware of their environment and what types of food they are putting into and on their bodies, an honest and simple design may be the proper choice for organic foods, clothing which uses natural fibers, or baby products.

Some logos are more revealing than others.

An uplifting modern trend in logos this year has been to have shapes, letters, or symbols that appear to be lifting or peeling back to reveal something more lying underneath.  A robotics company may have their simple shape logo peeling back to reveal wires and the words “innovation”.  Design of this type uses minimal space to tell a story that there is more to the company and its products than meets the eye. Sometimes the complete picture is best left incomplete.  Logos and site design which feature lines that seem to abruptly disappear, or letters that are only partially visible seem to be blurring the lines between what is said, and what is left to the imagination of the consumer. Simple design works best with this incomplete style.  A word in black and white with parts of letters cut away can create an interesting effect whereas the viewers mind fills in the missing pieces.  Careful thought as to what parts are missing can create logos where words are clearly readable, but transform into shapes that can associate with other aspects and ideas the designer is trying to subconsciously convey to the viewer. There are many more wonderful modern designs which are currently hot on the top of the design list for 2015.  Working closely with LIFT can yield results that you may never have dreamed of.  Additionally, it is always wise to give your logo and site designer a bit of creative freedom to see what they come up with.  In many cases, this can lead to design pathways which may have been overlooked. The creative team at LIFT is ready to create your unique company logo which will compel customers to remember your brand, and seek you out time and time again.

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