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5 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes

Facebook ads are very effective forms of marketing.

Unlike traditional advertising, you do not buy designated ad space where your ad is guaranteed to show for a set period of time at a specified amount. When creating a Facebook ad, you set your budget, create your target audience, and set your ad’s duration. Facebook then takes this information and introduces your brand to users with similar interests. Sounds simple enough, but if you’re guilty of the following, your Facebook ad might not be showing at all.

Quit Tinkering

It takes about 48 hours for a Facebook ad to integrate into Facebook’s algorithm. You won’t be able to properly assess what is working and what’s not if you make edits to your ad prior to the 48 hour mark.

Never Ever Pause Your Ads

As aforementioned, it takes an average of 48 hours to get fully integrated into the algorithm. If you pause your ad, even after your ad has been active for two days, your ad has been taken out of the algorithm. It doesn’t pause and restart where it left off. Time has past that your ad will not make up for. Your paused ad is now starting behind everyone else’s competing ad.

Don’t Expect The Same Results

A Facebook ad is not a recipe. You can use the same exact ingredients with the same amounts and have a completely different turnout. There are many factors that go you’re your ad’s success, and a few key ones are out of your control. Perhaps there is more competition than when you initially ran your ad. Your competitors may be outspending you. It’s even possible that Facebook adjusted its algorithm. Facebook traffic changes continuously. Be proactive and adapt your ad accordingly. Running a low budget ad for an extended period of time can help you evaluate ebbs and flows. If that is not a viable option, keep track of your ad’s daily conversions. Some days may be worth increasing ad spend and low conversion days worth decreasing the daily budget.

Don’t Thrown Down the Cash

Simply spending more does not guarantee success. This is a rookie mistake. If your ad is doing well, increasing the budget means it will do even better, right? Not quite. If you are increasing the budget on an already successful ad over time, or increasing ad spend by double or less then it is likely that your conversions will increase. However, changing your daily budget from a modest $10 per day to $30 can actually hurt your ad’s success. By increasing the budget by too much, you are flooding your audience with advertising, and the algorithm cannot adjust as quickly. This drives up your cost per lead, making the overall advertising more expensive. Amping up ad spend is a great way to promote, but do it steadily, no more than doubling your budget everyday to ensure ad success.

Overlooking Your Audience

Targeting the right users is somewhere between an art and a science. It’s one of the best assets of social media marketing; so in depth that it deserves its own blog. To dive deeper into Facebook Audiences, see Create a Flawless Lookalike Audience.

If you prefer to stick to the basics, it is simply a matter of knowing your audience. Visualize who your ideal customer is. How old are they? What do they do? What are they interested in? Target your competitors and similar brands. While you want to reach as many users as possible, it’s important to hone your audience so that users will actually engage your ad.

There are many uncontrollable factors that affect a Facebook ad’s success, so it’s important to be proactive, not overactive. Make small edits and give it at least 24 hours before making more changes.  Remember to never tinker, pause, have unrealistic expectations,  over-increase your budget, or overlook your audience. Follow these five rules and your ad will be set for success.