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About Vivid

Vivid Financial Group is an independent investment firm…

Committed to your long-term financial success. Vivid Financial Group uses a multi-disciplined approach based on mutual trust, respect, stability and expertise. Recommendations are made solely in the interest of providing the highest value and benefit to you in helping to meet your retirement objectivesRetirement

Planning: Retirement planning is a process of determining realistic retirement income needs, assessing income and lifestyle goals.

Insurance Solutions: We help clients protect their nest egg. We offer: Annuities, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements.

Tax Services: One of the most impactful pieces of retirement planning is determining tax liability and developing strategies to minimize what you pay.

Estate Solutions: Creating a strategy is more than estate taxes. It’s organizing your assets so they can pass to your loved ones or charity of your choice.

Social Security Maximization: Social Security benefits are the bedrock of retirement salary. Expanding that surge of wage is crucial to financing your retirement.

Investment Management: Investment management can include banking, budgeting, and taxes. It most often refers to portfolio management and security trading.

Retirement planning is a process of determining realistic retirement income needs, assessing income and lifestyle goals and then assembling, recommending and implementing various tactics to achieve them. A retirement plan identifies sources of income, estimates expenses, spells out year-by-year draw-downs, estimates cash flow and much more.

Whether you are decades away from retirement, or almost there, a solid retirement plan takes you from earning money every month and puts you in a place to spend the money you have accumulated in the most efficient way—a way that will last throughout your retirement no matter how long you live.


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