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Jeff GerredCreative Director

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Jeff Gerred

Creative Director / Co-Founder

I LOVE creating beautiful things that connect with our clients, and more importantly, connects our clients with their audience. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work closely with our clients and help them tell their story. Storytelling in a creative and engaging way is my passion....ok, maybe it's less of a passion and more of an obsession. My awesome workmates here at LIFT call me a perfectionist, and while I don't think true perfection can be obtained, I have a lot of fun chasing it. You may out smart, out creative and out class me, but you will never out work me. My name means a lot to me, so if it is going to have my name on it, I insist that it is great. Let's go, let's create greatness.
LIFT Team 2017 Jess 1.1

Jessica Greeling

Project Manager

Jess' Bio will be right here in this spot really soon!
LIFT Team 2017 Adam 1.1

Adam Gerred

Head of Accounts

Adam's bio will be added very soon! Check back... if you dare.
LIFT Team 2017 MD2.1

Michael Dickens


More info about Mike is coming soon. Be ready because it is going to blow your mind.
LIFT Team 2017 Caroline 1

Caroline Maki

Social Media

The amazing Caroline's Bio is on it way....
LIFT Team 2017 Kat

Katrina Hoss


Kat's Bio will be right here in this spot really soon!
LIFT Team 2017 Ant

Anthony Ruiz

Content Creator

Anthony's Bio will be right here in this spot really soon!
LIFT Team 2017 Josh 1.1

Josh Parrish

Lead Developer

The amazing Josh's Bio is on it way....
LIFT Team 2017 Hope 1.3

Hope Smith

Digital Content

Hope's Bio will be right here in this spot really soon!
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How we do, what we do

The LIFT Process.

At LIFT, we’re very particular about our process. Dallas web design is a competitive market, which is why we strive to produce the highest quality work possible. That being said, we strive to make the pre-design phase as detailed as possible. We begin with planning out your entire application or web presence from the ground up. During the discovery process we will streamline your pitch so it is clear to your users why you are are the clear choice. We will create a natural path for your users to explore on your site. We will create wire-frames and pre-design elements if necessary (usually for startups or development intensive web applications). Once we have thoroughly planned out the project and we have a road map leading to success, we will begin designing your brand and web presence. This leads to development, launch and after launch support. We are your full service agency solution providing everything you need to make your brand look and feel like an industry leader.

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